Is Wood Appropriate For Toronto Roofing? Here Is What Toronto Roofing Experts Say

Is Wood Appropriate For Toronto Roofing? Here Is What Toronto Roofing Experts Say

One of the most stylish roofing choices out there is wood. When displayed well, a wooden roof looks quite attractive. Apart from beauty, there are many other advantages associated with this material. At the same time however, it has its own downsides. Here are some the things that Toronto Roofing experts think you should know before embracing this style of roofing:

Two types of wood cuttings

There are two categories of wood cuttings that you can turn into a roof. Shingles are carefully seen to fit closely into one another when placed on the deck. Shakes, on the other hand, are roughly split pieces. During fitting, shakes might require more filling materials than shingles.

The advantage of choosing shakes over shingles is that the former is less costly. If you are working on a tight budget however, it would be cheaper to go for asphalt shingles, which are more affordable.

Lifetime of wood roofing

With good care, a roof made of wood can last for as long as 35 years. This also the average lifespan of asphalt shingles. The difference however is that wood doesn’t lose its total value even after the long period of use. Once you get tired of them, someone else will be willing to buy the pieces from you, albeit at a lower price than what you spent initially. To get rid of wastes like asphalt in the future, you might have to pay a disposal fee.

Fire rating

Wooden roofs are not fire resistant. This makes them an inappropriate choice for a busy restaurant kitchen. Although they can be treated with a fire resistant coating, this does not provide enough defense, and that is why it is hard to put wood into Class A fire rating.

On the other hand, wood is so much efficient at maintaining stable in-house temperatures. This is partly why most ceilings are made of the wood. In a hot climate, having a house with wooden roof top will provide a more desirable internal environment.

Legal restrictions

Because of fire dangers associated with the material, as well as tree conservation campaigns, some areas might have laws prohibiting use of wood in roofing. It is good to confirm with local authorities if there are any restrictions on use of certain materials.

However, you don’t have to worry about legal issues if you pick a certified firm to conduct roofing for you. Licensed roofing companies know the dos and don’ts of the regions that they operate in.

If you are concerned entirely with aesthetic aspects of a house, wood may be a good choice. However, you must be ready to spend heftily to achieve good results. You should also ensure that local community accepts use of this material.

Apart from wood, certain authorities have also started placing restrictions on use of asphalt roofs. Iron, metal, and slate usually enjoy wide acceptability among communities; they are the materials to go for when unsure. You can seek help of a Toronto Roofing expert for advice on the right material to use.

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